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Start of the Modern Journal of Microbial Biology

Department of Botany and Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Helwan University, Egypt

*Corresponding author: Emad Abada, Department of Botany and Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Helwan University, Ain Helwan, Cairo, Egypt.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 4.0 License, which allows others to remix, tweak, and build upon the work non-commercially, as long as the author is credited and the new creations are licensed under the identical terms.

It is a great pleasure to announce the start of a new journal, Modern journal of Microbial Biology (MJMB) for our readers. Modern Journal of Microbial Biology is a peer-reviewed international journal founded by highly reputed microbiology professional from across the globe. The journal serves as a platform for communicating wealthy novel findings in the field of microbiology to the researchers, students, and readers. Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms, may be unicellular, multicellular, or a cellular in structure. The discipline microbiology comprises numerous sub-disciplines including virology, bacteriology, mycology, and parasitology. In this context, we need continuous research on different aspects of microorganisms. The journal, Modern Journal of Microbial Biology covers general microbiology as well it is all applied branches such as medical, pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, veterinary, industrial, environmental microbiology, and microbial biotechnology. Editor-in-Chief and an editorial board of the journal consisting of experts in the fields that are included in the scope of the journal. The editor-in-chief is responsible for ensuring the overall quality of the journal, making final accept/reject decisions with support from the associate editors and editorial board members. The internal editorial structure includes a publisher, managing editor, and editorial assistant to facilitate the publications process. Editorial board welcomes all types of articles such as original research articles, systematic reviews, review articles, short communications, and letter to the editor. Studies conducted must adhere to and be in accordance with The Code of Ethics of the World Medical Association (Declaration of Helsinki) for experiments involving humans. We have plagiarism check available on our editor’s and reviewer’s panel in the manuscript management system. We encourage our editors and reviewers to use the plagiarism check. Any manuscript with plagiarism will be rejected immediately.

Finally, I would like to thank the editorial and reviewer’s team, authors as well as publishers and team members, Innovative Publication for contributing to the first issue. Editors will welcome all constructive criticisms as well as new suggestions to improve the quality of the journal.

I look forward to your support.

With Best Wishes,
Emad Abada, PhD

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